Annexe – Courtyard Suite

Situated on the first floor of the Haveli accessed with a narrow house staircase leading from the in house well ( secured for safety ) it is a large 950 sqft area that includes a bedroom, dressing room, separate study area to allow quiet reading/working , washroom and the most charming enclosed lounge with a swing and seats overlooking the lane leading to the Pol. This huge lounge or sitting area is typical of the old homes where the families would gather and share their lives. The swing would be the seat for the elderly . While the bedroom, study, washroom and dressing area are exclusive , the sitting areas of both Suites would have a common access from the ground floor to the terrace shared by all. The narrow staircase is to one extreme side of the sitting area and does not intrude on the exclusive living quarters.

Overlooking the ornately carved courtyard allows plenty of light and air circulation which is the natural way to keep the houses aired and ventilated.