Highlights and Terms of the HMG Privilege Card.
  1. A fixed discount of 20% allotted to the card-holder is valid on purchase of goods or services at the House of MG Hotel premises only. The card will not be valid at any other location.
  2. Privilege Card privileges can be enjoyed only when the card is carried to the venue,
  3. The Privilege Card privileges are extended to the card owner only. He/she has to be present at the venue and personally sign on and pay for the bill to avail the privilege.
  4. The discount offered with the Privilege Card cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount scheme already on at the time.
  5. The Privilege Card is valid till the expiry date on the card.
  6. The Privilege Card cannot be used on behalf friends of the card holder  even when the card holder is present at the venue but not paying for the services.