Experience Living Heritage and Hospitality at Mangaldas ni Haveli II


Mangaldas ni Haveli II is a beautifully refurbished 150-year old property, located in ‘Gangadhiya ni Pol’ – the heart of UNESCO declared World Heritage City, Ahmedabad. Pol means a ‘gated community’ or a ‘narrow lane’. Located at a distance of a 12-minute ride from The House of MG, the ride is a treat to your eyes as the rickshaw meanders through ‘pols’ (narrow bylanes) and bustling bazaars of the old city.
Once a cozy home to a local family, this property was purchased in 2007 by Abhay Mangaldas, the founder of The House of MG, an iconic Urban Heritage Hotel. It was then refurbished into a beautiful heritage hotel only after retaining its original, historic elegance. The two adjoining smaller houses (of no heritage significance) were demolished to make room for the open space that houses a cafe and a garden with two long swings where it’s easy to imagine a past world swing by.
In the neighborhood, is Mangaldas ni Haveli I, a restored heritage building, which is over 250 years old, and is one of the best specimen of traditional carved wooden architecture in the city. It houses a small residency with two suites. You can either book a room online or call the reservation desk at the hotel.


neighborhood of the this six hundred year old city and it issurrounded ancient monuments as well a pulsating bazaars,artisans, shops and densely packed residences. There is asmall cafe in the premises that operates from 7am to 10pm,serving snacks, juices and icecreams. Residents can alsoenjoy the facilities of the The House of MG (two restaurants,swimming pool, spa and a variety of shopping). Reachingthere is easy in a rikshaw. Ask reception to hail one for you.There is a huge number of small eateries as well as shopsselling savories and sweets dotting the neighborhood. If youare adventurous, you can try eating there. In Manek Chawkthere is a high energy food court that gets set up everynight. It is definitely worth a visit!


The Haveli is a twelve-minute ride from The House of MG that meanders through narrow lanes (pols) and bustling bazaars.

Mangaldas ni Haveli II is situated in Khadia, the most ancient neighborhood of this 600-year old city. Despite all the modern developments in the city, the historic charm of the walled city is intact even today. The hotel is surrounded by ancient monuments, pulsating bazaars, and shops of various artisans. ‘Pol Kholi’, a small cafe in the premises, operates from 7 am to 10 pm, serving snacks, juices and ice creams to its visitors. Residents can also enjoy the facilities provided at The House of MG (two restaurants, a swimming pool, spa and an in-house store for shopping). Reaching there in a rickshaw can be a fun ride as it maneuvers through the narrow bylanes and bustling bazaars of the old city. If you are adventurous, you can try eating out at the nearby eateries or at Manek Chowk, a bustling food court that gets set up every night. Treat your taste buds to some local, spicy street food; it is worth it!

Explore the City

Heritage Walks | Auto Tour | Textile Museum

Your visit to Ahmedabad is incomplete without exploring and acquainting yourself to the history and heritage of this World Heritage City. The House of MG organizes heritage walks that will give you a peek into the 600-year old history of Ahmedabad, situated on the banks of Sabarmati. These walks take you down winding lanes of memory as you experience the magnificence of ancient abodes, art, and culture.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Pol Kholi

During your stay at Mangaldas ni Haveli II, you have access to its in-house café ‘Pol Kholi’. ‘Pol’ means a narrow street – the old city of Ahmedabad is made up entirely of ‘pols.’ It also means ‘a hidden secret’. ‘Kholi’ means ‘revealed’ or ‘opened.’ This cafe serves both traditional recipes as well as some western dishes along with fresh juices and ice-creams. Apart from this, you can also treat yourself to a luxurious fine Gujarati thali dining experience at Agashiye or The Green House Cafe at the House of MG. Agashiye is popular for serving the best Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad, while The Green House Café serves Indian as well as international snacks.