Ahmedabad Trunk – The Textile Gallery, Heirloom Shop and Heritage Bookstore

The Ahmedabad Trunk Textile Gallery houses a rare treasure of Gujarati textile arts that spans multiple techniques, materials, and practices from far-reaching corners of Gujarat. Continually augmented, this collection began with textiles acquired by Anjali Mangaldas. The Gallery exhibits are not for sale – rather be viewed as a sourcebook of textile crafts available in Gujarat, to inspire contemporary design.

The display at The Ahmedabad Trunk is arranged under four categories of textiles


A comprehensive listing of the textile traditions of Gujarat and practicing communities is available in book form, at The House of MG and online.


Saris & Shawal Exhibition – Through the eyes of Leena Sarabhai Mangaldas & Anjali Hutheesing Mangaldas

A collection of saris and shawls, from two generations of women, that showcases the value of patronage in nurturing craft traditions. This series of three exhibitions explore a deeper connect shared between hands that traditionally made textiles and the communities that used them.

Curated by: Aditi Ranjan


The Heirloom Shop

The shop is an extension to the Textile Gallery. It stocks exquisitely crafted heirlooms of handmade textiles (some similar to those displayed in the gallery) and in wood and metal. Though the products are not classified antiques, they are especially curated for legacy, to appreciate in value over time. A visit to The Heirloom Shop and Ahmedabad Trunk is a must on your stay or visit to the House of MG.

The Heritage Bookstore

This Bookstore is a treasure trove of the photo-illustrated coffee table and research books on Indian Textiles, jewellery, spirituality, cuisine, travel, and wellness from publishers across India.

The Heirloom Store and Heritage bookstore ships merchandise all across India and the world.