Swimming Pool

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas, the 15 room Heritage Hotel in Ahmedabad has added an Indoor Swimming Pool, Health Club and Restaurant in its premises, called The Lotus Pool.

The theme of this space is inspired by a Pichhwai from Nathadwara in Rajasthan. The Mangaldas family is a believer in the Shrinathji deity and the lotus theme seemed apt for this new addition to the boutique hotel. The poolside restaurant is spread over three sections – an air-conditioned section, a poolside section and an outdoor section.

The Health Club and Massage Room (with a Shiatsu massage chair) is located behind the 10 meter long pool. The uniquely designed pool is raised 15” above the ground to allow easy interaction between the swimmer and person standing outside. Its ledge serves as a seat. The entire ceiling above is covered by a digitally created lotus fresco with a 17 foot long, 300 kilogram, mild-steel, calder inspired lotus mobile hanging from its centre. The same pattern is repeated in the glass mosaic tiled floor of the pool.

The Lotus Pool is the first ‘swim and dine’ restaurant of its kind and is open to all House of MG patrons. Entry to the pool is with a small cover charge that is fully set off against the food bill. There is an extensive choice of Indian and International snacks on the menu and the venue remains open from 7AM to 11PM daily.

The Lotus Pool Menus

There is serving three course menus, welcome drink to desert.One welcome drink OR one soup, Two starter, Two vegetables, Two Indian bread, One rice, One dal, One Ice cream



Welcome Drink (Select one)

Fresh Lime Water Coconut Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon Sarbat Cucumber Sarbat Fresh Lime Mint Coriander

Soup (Select One)

Vegetable Coriander Soup Grilled Potato Soup Cr. Tomato Soup Ministrone Soup Sweet Corn Veg. Soup Spinach Soup Hot & Sour Veg. Soup Tomato Coriander Sorbha

Starter (Select Two)

Kotonbari Idli Veg. Handvo Patra Plain Dhokla Didhi Muthiya Dal Vada Chatum Vada Samosa Makkai Ghughra Veg. Sev Roll Jaket Potato Paneer Satay Kachori

Vegetable (Select One)

Paneer Bhurji Palak Paneer Chhole Chana Baigan Bhartha (seasonal) Paneer Tikka Masala Mix Vegetable Paneer Achari Aloo

Vegetable (Select One)

Bhindi Masala Besan Gatta Undhiyu (Seasonal) Tuver Rigan (Seasonal) Sev Tomato Flower Vatana Tomato Makkai Fanshi Tomato

Indian Bread (Select One)

Bajri Rotala Makai Rotala Sada Paratha Masala Paratha Methi Thepla Plain Puri Masala Puri Bhatura

Sweet (Select One)

Gulab Jamun Jalebi Mal Puva Rajbhog Halvo Mung Dal Sheera Hot Mohan Thal Srikhand

Rice (Select One)

Taj Laving Rice Jeera Rice Veg. Pulav Khichdi

Dal (Select One)

Udat Dal Gujarati Dal Tadka Dal Kadhi

Frozen Desert (Select One)

Rose Coconut Chocolate Roasted Almond Anjeer Kesar Variyali BPK Seasonal Ice Cream Pan