Time Travel in Mangaldas ni Haveli 1 | The House of MG


Mangaldas ni Haveli I, once a quaint abode to a Nagar-Brahmin family, is located in the center of the historic UNESCO declared World Heritage City of Ahmedabad. This beautiful building was acquired by the Mangaldas family in 2006 and has since been restored, only after retaining its original charm. The entire building is like a fine wood sculpture. Estimated to be over 250 years old, this Haveli is laden with architectural motifs, intricately carved pillars, facades and quaint balconies overlooking a central courtyard. The Haveli also has an integrated rain harvesting system with underground water storage tanks, known as ‘tankas’. Located at a distance of a 12-minute ride from The House of MG, the ride is a treat to your eyes as the rickshaw meanders through ‘pols’ (narrow bylanes) and bustling bazaars of the old city.

Mangaldas ni Haveli I

Experience the Calm amid Chaos in Ahmedabad – World Heritage City

Mangaldas ni Haveli I offers homely comfort in Ahmedabad city. It houses two rooms – a Courtyard Suite and a Terrace Suite, with Wi-Fi, flat screen television, modern bathrooms and large comfortable beds. You can have delicious snacks at Pol Kholi café at Mangaldas ni Haveli II, just a 2-minute walk from Haveli I. The cafe serves local and international dishes in a charming outdoor and air-cooled setting. Guests staying at this hotel can avail all the other facilities at The House of MG, like its restaurants Agashiye and The Green House, swimming pool and spa. Your visit is not complete until you explore this historic precinct! Till date, the life in these ‘pols’ is an ongoing living tradition that dates back to the 15th century. Take a stroll down to Manek Chowk, the main bazaar of the old city that becomes an open food court at night and visit the spectacular Juma Masjid, located just minutes away. Many other historic landmarks of the city are very close to the Haveli.

Explore the Walled City

Located in the very heart of the walled city, or as the locals like to call it ‘The Old City’, The House of MG hosts heritage walks. The much-awaited walks take you down winding lanes of memory as you experience the grandeur of Ahmedabad’s ancient abodes. Preserved through restoration, and in some cases, just by sheer luck, the architecture echoes the many lives that were lived within their walls over centuries.