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Mangaldas ni Haveli I is located in the heart of the historic walled city of Ahmedabad. This beautiful 250 years old carved wooden villa, built in traditional style with a central courtyard, has been painstakingly restored. Located just a 12-15 minute from The House of MG, the rickshaw ride to it is an experience in itself as it meanders through narrow bylanes and bustling bazaars of the old city.

With just two suites in the entire B & B, you are in a safe oasis with a 600 year old ‘living’ heritage all around you. You can choose to be pampered with modern amenities or step out into a different world! Manek Chawk, the bustling city centre and Jami Masjid, are a short walk away as are over a dozen craft centres, ancient Jain temples and step wells. Our other property, Mangaldas ni Haveli II, is just 50 meters away.

Mangaldas Ni Haveli I
WHC Heritage Terrace Suite

WHC Heritage Terrace Suite – Accessed a narrow staircase, this is a large 900 sqft space. that further extends to the terrace above. With a view of the city and overlooking the courtyards of neighbouring houses guests can enjoy the sun-set followed by a relaxing evening under the stars.

Mangaldas Ni Haveli I
WHC Heritage Courtyard Suite

A large 950 sq.ft. space with a charming lounge with a swing and seating overlooking the narrow road (pol). Internal windows in this suite overlook the ornately carved courtyard allowing plenty of light and air circulation that was the natural way to keep the houses cool and ventilated.

Discover the Rich Heritage of Mangaldas ni Haveli I - The House of MG