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Mangaldas ni Haveli II is a beautifully refurbished 150-year old boutique property with a stucco facade in the bustling old city centre. Located just a 12-15 minute from The House of MG, the rickshaw ride itself is an experience as it meanders through narrow bylanes and bustling bazaars of the old city.

With just six rooms and a cafe in this B & B, you are in a safe oasis with 600 year old ‘living’ heritage all around you. You can choose to be pampered with modern amenities or step out into a different world! Manek Chawk, the bustling city centre and Jami Masjid, are a short walk away as are over a dozen craft centres, ancient Jain temples and step wells. Our other property, Mangaldas ni Haveli I, is just 50 meters away.

mangaldas ni haveli II
WHC Contemporary Heritage Classic Room

With a 316 sq. ft area, these rooms have one entire wall with full length windows.

mangaldas ni haveli II
WHC Contemporary Heritage Junior Suites

With a 413sq.ft. area, these suites comprise of three sections. The entrance with wardrobe and changing area, a sleeping area and small balcony and a verandah with a swing that is flooded with natural light.

mangaldas ni haveli II
WHC Contemporary Heritage Penthouse Suite

This sprawling third floor suite measuring 665 Sq. ft. has a wonderful private balcony with a swing overlooking the a charming narrow street with a beautiful home across.

Room Only - Inclusive of Heritage Building Conservation Surcharge.
(The House of MG is a Category IIA certified building in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ahmedabad.)

Mangaldas ni Haveli II: A Unique Historical Gem - The House of MG