The House of MG’s two renowned vegetarian restaurants– Agashiye and The Green House allow guests to sample local cuisine like nowhere else in the city.  The award-winning Agashiye is the most acclaimed Gujarati Thali restaurant in India. Also, voted as the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the country by NDTV and Trip Advisor in 2016, it offers a local fine dining experience on the terrace of the mansion serving recipes that are gleaned from our own signature cookbooks that document the Mangaldas family’s culinary tradition.

The Green House Café is set in a courtyard on the ground floor amidst abundant greenery. Here you can relish traditional Indian and International comfort food, fresh fruit juices and hand-churned ice creams.

Pol Kholi is a small café in Mangaldas Ni Haveli II, in the heart of the World Heritage City, serving beverages and snacks.


Fine Gujarati Dining

‘Agashiye’ in Gujarati means ‘on the terrace’. Recognized for serving the best Gujarati thali in India, this restaurant is spread over the entire terrace of the huge mansion and has both outdoor and indoor seating. Here you can enjoy a sit-down dinner, exactly how a Gujarati family eats at home. The food is prepared from seasonal ingredients and served unlimited in a ‘Kansa thali’, a plate made from alloy with medicinal properties. Much like the city and its people, Agashiye celebrates traditional Gujarati food made fresh. A Jain menu is available on request.


The Courtyard Cafe

The Green House is a relaxing café set amidst greenery. Located under a covered pavilion on the ground floor courtyard of the building and overlooking the famous Sidi Saiyed Mosque across the road. The food here is cooked in front of you in an open kitchen. It is a perfect breakfast and supper place for freshly cooked traditional Indian and International comfort food, snacks, cold-pressed fresh juices, and homemade ice-creams. The café extends into an air-conditioned section that was once the buggy room of the mansion.


An Old City Café

Pol-kholi is a pun on the word pol, that means the narrow streets that the old city is famous for and kholi, which means ‘opened’. It also means ‘a secret revealed’. Located in Mangaldas Ni Haveli 2, it is a perfect osis for a break after a visit to the interior of the World Heritage City. Enjoy a quick snack and beverage before setting off again


Agashiye Meal At Your Doorstep

Agashiye offers beautifully packed Gujarati meals delivered at your doorstep in various options. This is a freshly prepared meal with complete thali menu that you can relish in the comfort of your home or office. The delivery is free within inner Ring Road of Ahmedabad.


A little known jewel hidden across the Sabarmati River in Old Ahmedabad, it is set in a quaint haveli called ‘The House of MG’. The food is authentic and delicious. There is no a-la-carte menu, each guest is served an array of dishes from the region.”